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Whether Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, social media is nowadays known by many names and is popular amongst the young and old, spanning both social classes and the world. Companies are also present in social networks. Lots of companies undertake social media marketing by placing adverts and distributing their advertising messages on Facebook & Co.


It is not about distributing advertising messages via an additional channel, but about social interaction with your brand, and active dialogue! Don’t miss the opportunity to establish a direct connection with your potential customers. Using social media marketing, you can give your brand a modern image, learn from your customers, enter into dialogue with them and find out what they think about your brand.

Successful social media marketing strategies always have a basic principle: Listening and participating. Involvement is of decisive importance for social media campaigns.

"Marketing is involvement", Chris Heuer (expert for new media marketing)

The 10 commandments of social media marketing

Social media marketing - our services


  • Consultation and concept services
  • Creation of Facebook accounts
  • Design of profile images and pages
  • Employee guidelines
  • Promotion of “People like this”
  • Advertising on Facebook
  • Website integration
  • Facebook apps


  • Consultation and concept services
  • Creation of Twitter accounts
  • Design of Twitter pages
  • Creation of lists
  • Promotion of “Followers”
  • Advertising on Twitter
  • Website integration
  • Tools for Twitter


    • Consultation and concept services
    • Creation of Youtube accounts
    • Design of channel pages
    • Creation of videos
    • Determination of keywords
    • Website integration
    • Advertising on Youtube
    • T3 extensions for Youtube videos
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